Mechanism Decals / DECALmachine

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This pack includes 16 decals baked at maximum settings (4x Anti-Aliasing, 1024 resolution + Super Sample Alpha)

  • 3x Ball Bearings
  • 5x Gear Decals
  • 1x Key Lock
  • 1x Door Lock Mechanic Open
  • 1x Door Lock Mechanic Closed
  • 1x Door Lock Extension Open
  • 1x Door Lock Extension Closed
  • 1x Case Lock Open
  • 1x Case Lock Closed
  • 1x 18-Coil Stator

This product has two zip files:

  • Mechanisms + Nodes


  • Mechanisms

The file Mechanisms + Nodes has a node setup for each decal that provides emission lighting. The Emission Color Mix node makes it easier to change the emission color. Note! Such a node setup might not be supported by DECALmachine. Mechanisms has no additional nodes and should work in all cases.

The decal pack is created for the Blender add-on DECALmachine. Each decal provides a combined ao_curve_height map, a normal map and a mask. Some decals come with an emission map. It should be theoretical possible to use the decals in other applications too.

I put a lot of effort in this decal pack to provide a quality product.

DECALmachine import instruction

Download the decal zip file

Open Blender

  • Navigate to: Edit → Preferences
  • Add-ons → DECALmachine → General → Assets → Import Existing → Library from Folder or .zip
  • choose the downloaded zip file → Accept

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16 Mechanism Decals

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Mechanism Decals / DECALmachine

1 rating
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